Video: Good Michigan Morning 02/28/20

Steve Deace

Based on the disappointing NFL scouting reports we're getting of Shea Patterson, should we be concerned about the untested youngsters who couldn't beat him out? Especially since Michigan was interested in bringing Patterson back for a 5th year in 2020?

What do you think? Are you concerned? Or do you think another year of development can make a big difference? Let us know in the comments. 

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I have a feeling Harbaugh has been putting the emphasis on in game experience over who's practicing better. I also sometimes get the feeling that maybe Shea could practice really well, but when the heat was on in the big moments in big games, he'd crack under pressure.

One way or another, I have my doubts the other two were truly in a competition with Shea, but it was interesting to note how many times the other two got snaps, even Milton was getting some snaps as a rookie in 2018. Almost as if they knew if they didn't give McCaffrey and Milton a sniff of game action, they might bolt. A little guilty feeling holding them back.

Harbaugh was always going to start Shea almost no matter what. He is a likable kid and a competitor, but fell short in the big games. He was exactly what this team needed after a dismal 2017, though. Then again, Milton or McCaffrey could have been the same for the team, they just didn't have near as much practice yet at this level.

For all the talk about every position being a constant battle, Harbaugh really seemed to make an exception for the quarterback. That should stop. Make it a real competition again, keep everyone on their toes and constantly striving to do better. And discipline the kids for going against what you ask of them, don't let shit slide with some players and not others.

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I think that we will be fine. Shea was Jimmy’s pet and Jimmy was doing his best to have Shea succeed. I think that the players will rally around the starter, whoever that is, and by the end of the season we will be wondering why Shea was even playing at all. Read some of Michael’s old stories where he had inside info and some of the informers said that Jimmy was trying to put Shea in a good spot. For example, Gattis tweeting Shea was out playing golf instead of working out like Dylan and Joe. The players saw that and still Jimmy went with Shea.