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A Deeper Dive Into Michigan's Win Over Rutgers, The Offense Moving Forward

Michigan beat Rutgers and is 4-0, but there are some serious concerns as the Wolverines prepare for its first road game at Wisconsin.
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Michigan held off Rutgers for a 20-13 win on Saturday, but didn't look impressive in doing so. The Scarlet Knights outplayed Michigan in every way except for on the scoreboard. Obviously winning is the most important stat, but there are some very real issues that need to be addressed if Michigan wants to be competitive in Madison and beyond.

Through the first three weeks, Michigan dominant running the ball but barely even tried to throw it. Against Rutgers, the running game wasn't there and Michigan didn't have another approach. Only Army, Navy and Air Force have thrown the ball less than Michigan, and they're all triple option service academies. That type of offensive scheme will not work in today's world of college football and it almost cost Michigan the game on Saturday. Now, Michigan is preparing for the meat of the schedule, and it starts on Saturday at Camp Randall.

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