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PFF Performance Analysis, Snap Counts, Trends: Michigan vs. UConn

Michigan absolutely drilled UConn and several players did some really nice things.

Michigan hosted UConn in week three on Saturday and cruised to a 59-0 win, which obviously builds a ton of confidence heading into Big Ten play. The Wolverines didn't score through the air, but racked up touchdown after touchdown on the ground and one on special teams. With the game now in the books, here are a few things worth looking at when dissecting the game snap by snap.

PFF Top Performers (15 Snap Minimum)


1. Ronnie Bell (89.6)

Bell was great in all phases. He blocked well, ran solid routes and caught seven passes for 96 yards. Bell rarely has a bad game and the contest against UConn was evidence of that.

2. Roman Wilson (85.5)

Wilson was also great in every phase, which is becoming more and more normal as this season continues. He finished with three catches for 64 yards and carried it once for another 26 yards. Through three games, he looks like Michigan's most dangerous offensive weapon.

3. Trente Jones (81.0)

After struggling at times in week one and week two, Jones was solid as a run blocker and as a pass blocker per PFF. If he continues to settle in at right tackle, U-M will be much better on offense as a whole.


1. Gemon Green (82.1)

Green was targeted twice and did not give up a reception. He also recorded a tackle on his own and assisted on another. Per PFF, he was stout and solid in coverage, against the run and as a tackler.

2. Junior Colson (72.9)

Colson could've been better as a pass rusher per PFF, but he was phenomenal as a tackler and actually did well in coverage, which isn't necessarily his strong suit.

3. Mike Sainristil (72.6)

Once again, Sainristil was phenomenal as a blitzer. He continues to impress there for a new defender. Sainristil was targeted twice and gave up one reception but it was for just eight yards.

PFF Bottom Dwellers (15 Snap Minimum)


1. Cornelius Johnson (44.6)

Johnson is usually solid, but on Saturday he struggled as a run blocker and at getting open. He finished the day with no catches despite playing more snaps than any other receiver.

2. Andrel Anthony (54.7)

Anthony was a little better running routes and as a blocker, be he was also blanked as a pass catcher. Through three weeks, the talented sophomore has just one catch for five yards.

3. Erick All (56.6)

All finished the day with one catch and four yards and struggled a bit as a pass blocker and while running routes per PFF.


1. Mason Graham (45.4)

Graham has been good, but he is still a freshman. There are going to be some growing pains and PFF had him with some, especially against the run, in week 3.

2. Mazi Smith (55.4)

Smith was on the field a lot and only recorded one tackle. Per PFF, he wasn't great on run plays or while rushing the passer.

3. Rayshaun Benny (57.5)

Benny also struggled a bit while defending the run and rushing the passer. He recorded a tackle and a couple of hurries in the game.

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Freshmen Contributors (Snap Count)

CJ Stokes - 16

Will Johnson - 15

Darrius Clemons - 14

Colston Loveland - 13

Derrick Moore - 11

Kenneth Grant - 10

Tyler Morris - 10

Connor Jones - 9

Jimmy Rolder - 7

Marlin Klein - 6

Micah Pollard - 6

Keon Sabb - 6

Kody Jones - 6

Myles Pollard - 6

Amorion Walker - 5

Alex Orji - 4

Jayden Denegal - 3

Deuce Spurlock - 3

Zeke Berry - 3

Total Snap Counts

snap counts UConn


• Forty (40) players have seen their first playing time as Wolverines this season. That figure includes five different first-year Wolverines who joined the team via transfer, meaning 35 players have made collegiate debuts so far.

• According to PFF, Blake Corum has forced 13 missed tackles on 34 carries. His seven rushing scores lead the country and are the most by a U-M back through three games since Chris Perry (2003) had seven.

• Jaylen Harrell has been credited by PFF with the top Pass Rush Production (PRP) grade in the Big Ten. The service also ranks Mike Morris (ninth), Eyabi Okie (10th), and Braiden McGregor (13th) among the conference's best pass rushers.

• Defensive back Gemon Green has been targeted more times (six) without allowing a completion than any player graded by PFF. He has one pass breakup, allowing a 39.6 NFL Passer rating against.

• For a blowout, I like the amount of snaps given to Andrel Anthony (26), Erick All (24) and Cornelius Johnson (35), but between the three of them they had just one catch for four yards. 

• AJ Henning is still not playing much. He only played 10 snaps but made four receptions and a carry. He also touched it as a punt returner, which resulted in a 61-yard score on one occasions. I still think Henning should be on the field more.