There is still some concern that Michigan won't travel to Seattle to take on Washington for the season opener on Sept. 5. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the sports world to the core and, even though things are starting to open back up, many health experts predict that there will be another spike in cases with stay-at-home orders lifted and more people mingling among one another. Because of that, Michigan's far-from-home opener may be in jeopardy.

Traveling more than 2,000 miles for a football game just doesn't seem necessary given the risk, especially if Michigan and Washington could pretty easily schedule someone else and still play that Saturday.

So what if that happens? What kind of opponent would you like to see Michigan play? Would you rather U-M bring in a strong opponent for the best game or a cupcake that would result in an easy win?

My Pick

I'm pretty excited for the game against Washington on the road, and hope it still takes place, but I guess if the Huskies end up off the table, I'd vote for an easy win. 

Without spring football, Michigan is behind the eight ball when it comes to naming a starting quarterback and finding four new starters along the offensive line. Those are two massive issues to deal with in an opener on the road against a solid opponent. Washington isn't as strong as they were just a few seasons ago, but they're still a lot better than a MAC school or someone else closer to Ann Arbor that U-M could play.

I don't like cupcake, gimme wins per se, but Michigan would really benefit from a couple of those this year. I don't know how good the Wolverines are going to be in 2020, but if somehow they're 11-0 going into the finale against Ohio State, no Michigan fans are going to be upset about playing Akron, Toledo or Central Michigan instead of Washington during week one.