Predicting The Michigan/Rutgers Game, Looking At The Big Ten Slate, Over/Unders, Betting Lines

Michigan is ready to kick off conference play against Rutgers.
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It seems like the script is easy to predict for Michigan's game against Rutgers, but you never know. Last year against the Scarlet Knights, it took three overtimes and, while it was on the road in an empty stadium, Michigan did eke out a win. Obviously that was a knock down, drag out fight in Piscataway, but can you put any value on anything from the 2020 season? With all of that considered, we do our best to predict some happenings and the score for tomorrow's game.

We also take a look at some of the other games in the Big Ten and a couple of the bigger games from the national schedule. Throw in some over/under situations for Michigan vs. Rutgers and you have the latest episode of The Wolverine Digest Podcast.