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Tuck Bummin

The No. 11 ranked Spartans went out west and got slapped around for a better part of the evening.

If hype videos, rental cars and cigars won football games, the Michigan State Spartans would be sitting at 3-0 tonight. Unfortunately for MSU head coach Mel Tucker, none of those things can actually change the reality of what occurred Saturday night. 

In what was supposed to be a 'prove it' game on the road for Tucker and the No. 11 Spartans, the unranked Washington Huskies had other ideas...and it became very apparent, very early. From start to finish, Michigan State simply looked like a program that was overwhelmed and overmatched.

As far as what any of this means for the meeting between No. 4 Michigan and Michigan State later this year, it doesn't really mean much. Regardless of the circumstances, Tucker will have his team ready and the Spartans will certainly give the Wolverines their best effort when the two programs meet in Ann Arbor on Oct. 29.

Even so, the Spartans spent a considerable amount of time during the off-season talking up their program. Chop life, the woodshed, deep water, relentless...yadda, yadda, yadda. If you're a Michigan fan, you can't help but take just a little bit of joy in the Spartans misery this evening. 

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