Betting Odds For Attendance At The Big House


You can bet on pretty much anything involving sports and the pandemic-affected crowd sizes are one of the latest bettable numbers according to

With exactly two months remaining before the August 29 scheduled kick-off of the 2020-21 college football season, the odds-makers at, have set the over/under at 13.62 million fans attending FBS Division I games this season – a 63% decrease from the 36,831,692 fans that attended 888 regular season and bowl games last year. The odds-makers project the Pac-12 will have a 72% attendance decline from 2019, while SEC game attendance is projected to decline by 55%. But, the odds-makers have set the over/under for the largest game attendance at 101,001 just in case things change between now and January.

Over/Under Average Attendance

1. Michigan: 38,850 (35% of 2019 avg)
2. Penn State: 40,128 (38% of 2019)
3. Ohio State: 32,999 (32% of 2019)
4. Texas A&M: 44,700 (44% of 2019)
5. Alabama: 43,470 (43% of 2019)
6. LSU: 43,340 (43% of 2019)
7. Texas: 42,370 (44% of 2019)
8. Nebraska: 49,140 (55% of 2019)
9. Georgia: 42,700 (46% of 2019)
10. Tennessee: 43,970 (50% of 2019)

If there are only 38,850 people inside Michigan Stadium, that's just over 36% capacity. That would obviously break the streak of crowds exceeding 100,000, which dates all the way back to 1975. It's clear that a lot of things are changing in 2020 due to COVID-19, and killing that streak would be a big one.

What do you think it will look like and how would you bet it? What does 38,000 people in The Big House look like? If 38,850 was the number for the season opener, would you take the over or the under?

It's an interesting topic because right now it's hypothetical, but will likely become a reality in due time. We know the stadiums aren't going to be filled to capacity, but how extreme do the limitations need to be? How hard will everyone try to make sure the games take place at all?

There are a ton of questions and not many answers at this time, which is why it's fun to discuss. Do so in the comments section below until we know for real.

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How many people has Michigan had for the spring game? The stadium looked bare then. It will be an interesting season. One question, how many schools will pump in crowd noise?