Tom Brady Not Happy With New NFL Rule

Tom Brady is widely considered the GOAT, so when he talks, most people tend to listen.
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Tom Brady is as powerful as anyone in the NFL, so when he complains loudly about something, it usually gets a lot of attention. Brady isn't necessarily described as a complainer, but he took to Instagram today to gripe about the NFL's new rule allowing players to wear different numbers than before.

tom brady
tom brady

Brady's biggest complaint is likely because linebackers can now wear any number between 1-59 and defensive backs can wear any number between 1-49. After identifying linebackers and cornerbacks the same way for 20+ years, Brady obviously isn't looking forward to trying to figure out something new next year.

In the grand scheme of things, I don't see the new numbers being a very challenging change. The players are still going to be in the same spots, doing the same things. Brady has literally seen it all on a football field so I find it hard to believe that the numbers on the jersey are going to throw him off, but he's clearly worked up about it. Sure, guys will be wearing numbers that they normally don't, but how much harder is it for Brady to say, "No. 4 is the MIKE!", instead of "54 is the MIKE!"? 

At the end of the day, linebackers will still be playing like linebackers and cornerbacks and safeties will still be playing like cornerbacks and safeties. With that said, I would actually love to hear Brady explain in detail why he doesn't like the new rule because there's probably much more to it than that, and if anyone has thought about every angle and issue with the change, it's Brady.