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Yesterday, Michael Spath posted a column breaking down some shocking comments recently made by Dan Dierdorf while he was a guest on Inside the Huddle. Spath is a fan of Dierdorf as evidenced by this introduction from that column.

He is one of the preeminent Michigan Men of all time, one of the toughest, fiercest, most dominant offensive linemen in the history of football (he is in both the NFL and college football Hall of Fame). He is the model for which all of "Bo's Boys" gets measured against. He loves his alma mater, represents the ideal that "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions" and is extremely competitive. 

That description is exactly why Dierdorf's comments surprised Spath, and not in a good way. While on paternity leave, Spath called into the show today to discuss the comments and dig deeper into what would make such a true blue Wolverine say them without hesitation.

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What did you think of Dierdorf's words? What does it mean? Comment below!!!