True Or False: How The Fans See Michigan's Regular Season, Don Brown

Brandon Brown

Michael Spath of Inside the Huddle posted three true or false questions on Tuesday morning allowing more than 1,500 Michigan fans to weigh in on a few U-M football topics with the regular season in the books. Here are those questions, the results and my own opinion on thought.

True or False: Jim Harbaugh will have a Dabo Swinney-like breakthrough at some point, and Michigan will overtake Ohio State as the Big Ten’s best program during Harbaugh’s career.

My Opinion: I agree with the majority of the voters. With where the program is in year five under Harbaugh compared to Ohio State, I don't think the gap will be close. Michigan got destroyed in Columbus last year giving up a whopping 62 points in The Game. The Wolverines didn't allow as many points this year in Ann Arbor, but actually got beat by a wider margin. That, along with the disparity on the recruiting trail, the apparent expertise of Ryan Day and his staff, and the continued success that Ohio State is about to have in terms of winning the Big Ten and playing in the college football playoff leads me to believe that this is the way things are going to be for a while.

True or False: Don Brown is being unfairly scapegoated for the loss to Ohio State.

My Opinion: I also agree with the voters on this one although not quite as strongly as I did while watching the game. After going back and reviewing some film, a lot of Ohio State's big plays came down to crucial execution mistakes made on the field by Michigan players, not necessarily the calls. It's clear that Brown doesn't have an answer for Ohio State or other teams that can match U-M's talent, but he's also called some gems that allowed Michigan to win — see Iowa this year. Brown is viewed as one of the best defensive coordinators in the country but it hasn't carried over to the biggest, most important games on the schedule, so I think the blame is warranted.

True or False: Michigan football's nine wins should define the 2019 season more than its three losses.

My Opinion: Unfortunately, I think Michigan's three losses are much more telling than the nine wins. Before the season started, just about everyone would've circled the road games against Wisconsin and Penn State, as well as the Ohio State game, as the most important on the docket and Michigan lost all three. Nine or ten wins makes for a nice season, but not when they are essentially gimmes. That's no disrespect to the teams Michigan defeated in 2019, but there's a reason U-M hasn't lost to those teams much throughout history.  

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D-line are a bunch of middle weights. UM needs some Big Nasty's in the middle


I would say FALSE to all three questions. One question that I have is this. Is it true or false that Don Brown wanted the D linemen to lose weight in the off season to become faster? Seems like I heard that during the year but maybe not.