Video & Analysis: Nick Eubanks Likes The Idea Of Spoiling Ohio State's Season

Michigan can't win the Big Ten title or make it to the college football playoff, but they can put a big scuff mark on Ohio State's season.
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Senior tight end Nick Eubanks has played a lot of football at Michigan. He understands that most of U-M's goals disappeared with the loss to Penn State, but that doesn't make this weekend's game any less important. Now the season is all about beating the Buckeyes and if Michigan can do that, they'll likely ruin a goal or two for their most hated rival. Eubanks wouldn't have it any other way.

Brown's Breakdown

Ohio State might still make the playoff if they lose to Michigan and win the Big Ten title, but they definitely will if they run the table, obviously. Michigan could potentially knock the Bucks out of playoff contention with a win on Saturday and that needs to be a focal point.

When a rival is as hated as Ohio State is, everyone involved with the Michigan football program should want the worst for them. No matter how it happens, negative developments for OSU are almost directly linked to positive developments for the Wolverines — conference hierarchy, recruiting momentum, offseason buzz and of course, bragging rights for 365 days. That's why I fully agree with Eubanks' statement. The Wolverines should want the win for themselves and the seniors but they should also want it to make the Bucks as miserable as possible.

Would you view the season as a success if Michigan wins on Saturday? What if U-M loses for the fifth straight time under Jim Harbaugh? Comment below!!!