Video: Last Year's OSU Loss Personal For Carlo Kemp

Ohio State ran Michigan out of the stadium last year and Carlo Kemp has not forgotten about it.
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A lot of people thought Michigan might go into Columbus last year and beat the Buckeyes. Instead, Ohio State boat raced Michigan to the tune of 62-39 and absolutely exposed Don Brown's defense.

Fast forward to now, and Brown is doing more on defense than he's ever done, mostly because of the game in Columbus last year, and his players are responding. Senior defensive tackle Carlo Kemp knows how last year felt and knows how Brown felt about it too. He was able to explain how last year's loss fueled the team this year and how they can't wait for a chance at redemption on Saturday.

How will Kemp do on Saturday? Will Brown's "new" defense be enough to slow down the Buckeyes? Comment below!!!