Video & Analysis: Cesar Ruiz Discusses Success Of Offense, Shea Patterson's Swagger

Brandon Brown

Junior center Cesar Ruiz and the rest of his line mates played well in Happy Valley last night allowing the offense to get going when it finally needed to. The running backs were pretty effective and freshman Zach Charbonnet found the end zone twice. Senior quarterback Shea Patterson was only sacked once and really did a good job of putting Michigan in a position to at least tie the game after it looked hopeless early on. Ruiz and his guys should feel good about what they did but unfortunately that probably won't happen because of the overall outcome.

Brown's Breakdown

You have to agree agree with Ruiz in terms of how the O-line played and how the offense looked altogether but unfortunately, it might not matter. It's hard to imagine this team getting up for the rest of its big games after such a tough loss. Throw in the fact that basically all of U-M's goals are now unattainable and you have the potential for a major skid during the last five games.

It's now up to Jim Harbaugh and the rest of his staff to rally the troops and make sure the team plays with a purpose. That's certainly a lot easier said than done but that's all they can do at this point — play for pride and each other.