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JJ McCarthy Donates Large Sum of NIL Money

The true freshman quarterback made the pledge at the beginning of the year to use a portion of his NIL money to give back - and he made good on that pledge this week.

Over the summer, true freshman quarterback JJ McCarthy announced that he would be donating a percentage of his NIL earnings non-profit groups from the Ann Arbor area and beyond.

On Tuesday, McCarthy made good on his promise - announcing over $10,000 in donations to various charities and non-profit groups. As if that weren't enough, McCarthy saved the largest sum for the families of the Oxford High School tragedy - where Michigan high schoolers recently lost their lives as the result of a school shooting.

When it comes to this Michigan Football team, JJ McCarthy isn't the only Wolverine who's opted to give back in 2021/2022. Head coach Jim Harbaugh and wife Sarah made the incredible announcement last week that they would be donating Jim's bonus earnings from the 2021 season back to the UM athletic department. The donation from the Harbaugh's is an attempt to off-set some of the budget cuts that were made to the athletic department as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those keeping track, Harbaugh has already reached the $500,000 payout thanks to the win last Saturday that locked up the Big Ten East title. His win on Saturday earned himself another $1,000,000 payout, along with another $500,000 for making the college football playoff - all money that will go back to the Athletic Department according to the Harbaugh's.