Michigan State has the Best Logo in Big Ten Conference

McLain Moberg

Heath Gregory, from FanJuicer, recruited 1,350 fans in the college football arena to help rank the Big Ten's logos. His primary focus was "to provide an unbiased ranking reflective of the average college football fan's preferences."

The results showed the Spartans had the most appealing logo within the conference.

"This did not surprise me too much considering that Michigan State's Spartan logo has won other fan polls I've seen, and is widely regarded as one of the best logos in college athletics. Not only was Sparty number one in this research, but you'll notice that there's a big gap between Michigan State and the logo ranked #2," said Gregory. "In other words, Michigan State didn't just win this poll; it ran away with it."

"Interestingly, Michigan State's home uniforms were ranked as the most appealing in the B1G in the research I conducted last year. This speaks volumes to the quality and consistency of Michigan State's branding."

So, how did he conduct this research? Gregory weighted the results, meaning half of the fans were fans of Big Ten teams, and the other half were people whose fandoms came from elsewhere.

"Most importantly, I weighted the data so that the fanbases of each B1G school are reflected equally in the results," Gregory said. "This controls for "homer bias" and ensures the larger fanbases that had more participants in the research – such as Ohio State – could not sway the results in a particular direction. In other words, fanbase size and "homer bias" have been accounted for to a degree."

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