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Park Ridge, Ill. - Pursuant to Big Ten Conference policies, the conference office has received a joint report from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University regarding an incident that took place prior to their men's basketball game on Saturday, February 18, in East Lansing, Mich. Both schools acknowledge inappropriate contact between a Michigan State student and Michigan student-athlete Amadou Ba and have taken immediate action to review and respond to this incident. The onference office has accepted the following actions and conclusions:

1) Michigan State acknowledges that it has an obligation to provide security and protection for visiting teams per the Big Ten Protection of Visiting Teams Agreement (17.1.A.2.b) and that staff at the
game should have interceded when the student first went onto the court. Michigan State has conducted a thorough review of game security procedures and will continue to take steps to enhance courtside security.

2) The Michigan State student exhibited inappropriate behavior.

3) The Michigan State student will receive counseling regarding appropriate fan behavior and will have his access to Michigan State men's basketball contests revoked for one and a half games.

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4) In response to the Michigan State student's inappropriate behavior, Ba failed to exercise proper restraint, thus leading to his violation of the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement (10.01).

5) Ba has received counseling regarding appropriate responses to improper fan behavior and will be withheld for one and a half men's basketball games (50 percent of Michigan's remaining regular season

The Big Ten Conference, Michigan and Michigan State also affirm their strong commitment to sportslike conduct from student-athletes and fans alike and will continue educational efforts regarding appropriate behavior during intercollegiate athletic events. The conference office intends to immediately reinforce its emphasis on security not only during games, but also prior to and after contests, to provide maximum protection for student-athletes, coaches and officials.

The Big Ten Conference considers this matter concluded and will have no
further comment. This press release is courtesy of the Big Ten!