Three Big Questions Fans Have with Michigan State, Tom Izzo

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI--The Michigan State Spartan basketball programs is in great shape as long as the Hall of Fame head man, Tom Izzo, is in East Lansing. 

Today we answer three of your biggest questions about the basketball program.


Hondo, we are so fortunate to have Izzo. Dantonio left so suddenly, do you think he would do that? How much longer do you think he will coach? Jeff Miller

I would disagree that the Dantonio departure was sudden. I had reported in August that was what I was hearing and they had hired a search group prior. But those are semantics. I think the way that college sports is going right now, it is taking time off of Tom Izzo’s tenure. Izzo and I are good friends, but speaking ONLY my opinion, I am not speaking for him, I think he will coach three more years.


Hondo, with football going gangbusters in recruiting, is that inspiring Coach Izzo? I know that basketball recruiting doesn’t have the momentum of the football team and I just wondered with him being so competitive, if that motivated him. Jeff Bennett

Tom Izzo wants football to do great. When they succeed it makes him happy, but he doesn’t need to me, “Motivated.” Basketball and football recruiting are polar opposites. MSU is in terrific shape for men’s basketball. What you perceive as a lack of momentum is not accurate. If there is one area of Tom Izzo’s life that doesn’t require, “Inspiration” it you think in the comment section below.

Hondo if the NCAA had given another year of eligibility to seniors like Cassius Winston, how good would MSU have been?  Kyle Lane

Cassius was asked about it last week and he said it wouldn't have mattered, he had done all he could at MSU and would have moved on.

Tell us your opinion on the state of Michigan State basketball in the comment section below.

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that was only 2 questions.....where is the third one?