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Reflections from the Big Ten basketball media days here in Chicago

Big Ten Basketball Media Day

Park Ridge, Illinois

October 29, 2006

I am down here at media day and it is great to see so many reporters and SID people that you get to know over the course of working with them. With that said from last night when arrived up to an including the middle of the last sentence I keep having people ask me about yesterday’s football game and the future of JLS. With that said I want to think happy and I am only going to write about (sorry for the delay got interrupted again by someone wanting to talk about that other subject) something good and happy and that is MSU basketball.

The media has picked OSU as the #1, Wisconsin as #2 and Illinois #3. I think they are way off. Here is my top three:

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  1. Illinois I love how Weber runs things and with three returning starters I think that they will be tough.
  2. Indiana people don’t forget that they have D.J. White back.
  3. Wisconsin is rated here, maybe could have been higher but I let my personal disdain and bias cloud my view. I saw Bo last night out and about and even in a personal setting I can’t stand him. Alando Tucker the forward from Wiscy is dangerous; I just don’t like his coach.

I just don’t get all the love for OSU. Am I the only one who gets the fact that they have all these freshman and not since the best class money could buy or before has any group had so much impact. Emphasis on Money could buy!!! Anyways, I think that the man many call the next LeBron is going to be great but he won’t even play until 2007? Anyways the love is flowing for an overrated OSU team but we shall see.

As expected MSU is getting a lot of respect but no love. No one thinks the Spartans will do much and why should they? That plays right into the hands of the Spartan Nation however as that just infuriates Izzo’s drive even more. Thank you people.

Here are some misc notes from today’s meetings:

  1. The Big Ten schedule is stupid. Last year if MSU had OSU’s schedule it would have won the conference. Now this year ILL does not go to OSU or WISC. Izzo and several other coaches agree with me, it is time to play all the Big 10 schools 2 times.
  2. The coaches are really concerned about Sampson’s (new IU coach) ways and they are not excited that he may bring some “poor” recruiting tactics. This is a league that has basically policed itself from cheaters and all eyes are on Sampson. Good move IU. PATHETIC!
  3. If MSU has any injuries, they will get drilled. With only 10 scholarship guys they are really thin.
  4. Izzo wants to see the NCAA tournament expanded to 96 teams from its current form.

As the elder statesman of the league it never ceases to amaze me the respect he gets nationally and regionally. H