Spartans Walk Over Wisconsin-Green Bay

Hondo S. Carpenter

The MSU Spartans came into this hallowed football country to play a basketball game. The highly energized and rolling Spartans had fulfilled a childhood dream of Head Coach Tom Izzo earlier that morning as they had toured the infamous Lambeau field. “It was great, it only snowed fifteen minutes all day today and it was while we were on the field,” said a thrilled Izzo. “I have seen it so many times on TV, but to see it in person was really awesome,” added Goran Sutton.

Well, that was really more exciting than the game, which MSU dominated. Once again, Matt Trannon played huge, and the Spartans big three led the way. This game was never in doubt as the Phoenix crowd certainly was pro Izzo and Tom used his post game press conference to encourage the UWGB faithful to support the coach and to help him build a program.

When Izzo was asked about what he would do if he were the coach here and trying to recruit said, “This is a football town, and I wouldn’t hide from that, I would use that.” He had already said, “I would get Brett here as much as possible.”

A real treat for all the Spartan Nation, however, was the fact that Spartan Nation favorite Charlie Bell was in the house. Bell, now a member of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, said, “I had no decision about coming tonight. We are a family. Anytime I can go see coach or the team I want to be there. MSU is really special, it is a family, and I am glad I could be here. This is a team that I think will win the championship and I am just proud to be here.”

Well, we are proud of this team and coach. Also Charlie, as well as, we are really proud of you.