The State of Michigan State Spartan Basketball Podcast

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, Mich--College basketball is dirty.  So dirty that only a complete overhaul can save the sport if it is not already dead.

In this week's edition of the State of Michigan State Athletics, we dig deep into the world of college basketball and the state of the NCAA.  Is the lawsuit against Zion Williamson going to blow open the world of recruiting?

With each crisis, Michigan State Spartan basketball head man Tom Izzo shines brighter.  He stays clean amongst the filthy and grime.  Somehow Izzo competes and even beats teams that don't play by the same rules.  That makes his legacy and resume even more amazing.

Coach Tom Izzo's devotion to the game of basketball and doing it the right way is based upon the work ethic his father instilled in him many years ago. Izzo doesn’t walk a straight line because he fears embarrassment from an NCAA investigation, Izzo walks a straight line because he fears to do anything to embarrass the legacy of his amazing parents. It's because while driven to win his parents placed in him the burning passion of doing it right.

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