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The Tom Izzo Press Conference Weeky Rewind



Its true. When we thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. Korie Lucious is no longer a member of the basketball team, and for the first time in 14 years the MSU men’s basketball team lost a home game to arch rival Michigan. A season which began with so much promise is quickly turning into a season that fans would love to forget. In spite of his team’s disappointing performance, Tom Izzo took to the podium and answered questions. Notable excerpts include:


“We’ve had some amazing guys step up and do some things.”


“Kalin, I thought is starting to look like the guy he was. I’m starting to see him coming around.”


“It was definitely great to see Nix have some success, and look like a guy who can go.”


“On film we played pretty well.”


“Got to give Indiana a lot of credit, they hit some shots.”

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“What he does is post deeper. (Nix) He occupies a body and gives Kalin more room to penetrate.”


“I knew the league was going to be better, and the non conference teams were going to be tough. Did I think it would go like it did? No.”


“Appling as a guard on some good guards is our best defender. Keith Appling is the first or second best freshman defender I’ve ever coached.”


“If I wrote a book on this year it would be a best seller.”


“Yes! You should see us in zone more.”



The adversity that this team has faced this year is unbelievable. The loss of Korie Lucious puts a serious dent in this team’s chances of reaching Houston. The Spartans are now without a back up point guard, and also lose an individual who hit clutch shots during crunch time. This leaves a tremendous hole in the backcourt, however this can be negated if Derrick Nix’s post play continues to progress. The situation in the locker room has obliviously reached a crisis level for Izzo (a devout man to man disciple) to implement a zone defense. This could help curve the foul trouble, and keep Roe and Green on the floor without fatiguing them as much. This is excellent strategy, but will it work? Tom Izzo’s composure is commendable. This team is fighting to keep its’ tournament hopes alive. We here at “Spartan Nation” will continue to support our team., and hope for the best.