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The Weekly Rewind of the Tom Izzo Press Conference


Spartan Nation expects the Spartans to get back on track Thursday against PSU.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Spartan Nation expects the Spartans to get back on track Thursday against PSU. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.


The “Big Green Machine” continues to roll in East Lansing despite being on the losing end of two blowouts against Iowa and Wisconsin. The team’s response to the dismissal of Korie Lucious has all but eradicated any hope of a return to the final four.


What once promised to be a dream season has quickly turned into a nightmare of mass proportions. Despite the ineptitude of his team this season, Tom Izzo took to the podium for his weekly press conference. Notable excerpts include”


“ I must admit press conferences are never fun, but these are getting harder.”


“I questioned a lot of things on Wednesday night in Iowa. I couldn’t figure out why we looked so inept.”


“ The guy I’m worried a little bit about is Delvon, he was really starting to play well.”


“The knee was doing great. After Christmas it hasn’t been as great.”(Delvon Roe)


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“When you talk about leadership, leadership hasn’t been as great.”


“This team has not made that a priority (defense) like teams in the past.”


“We dug a hole, a hole that I’ve been in once before in my 16 years.”


“The defensive part of it, I blame myself. Just as much as I would blame anybody else.”



Can the Michigan State men’s basketball team turn around their season? I highly doubt that they can. This team is too depleted personnel wise, and their lack of size on the perimeter is the main reason why teams have shot lights out against the Spartans.


Somewhere through the midst of Final Four runs, this team forgot how they accomplished all those great feats that gave us memories to last a lifetime. A Tom Izzo team that does not play defense is just about as useless as a man bringing a knife to a gun fight.


While injuries played a significant factor in this season’s slide, it must never be lost on us fans that this is a veteran team. Getting blown out by the Iowa Hawkeye’s is not acceptable under any circumstance. I don’t say that to disrespect Iowa, but to only illustrate how far this team has gone down. Despite the cool collective attitude that they convey to the press, I for one don’t buy it. The confidence of this team is all but gone, and I as well as many Spartan fans are looking forward to the promise of a new recruiting class.


Talent helps win championships, but so does character. One can only hope that the Spartans make the tourney. I would hate to see the seniors who have given us so many memories go out with the worst season I’ve ever seen under Tom Izzo. My faith has been shaken, but I still hope this team can rebound. Don’t do it for us fans. Do it for yourselves.