Tom Izzo on Michigan State Basketball Season Cut too Short

McLain Moberg

No one had the privilege of experiencing March Madness this year. Due to the coronavirus, the NCAA canceled the tournament before the brackets were ever released. It was devastating news for programs around the country, especially the upperclassmen who will miss out on “one last shining moment.”

For Michigan State fans, this means guys like Cassius Winston, Kyle Ahrens, Conner George, and potentially Josh Langford will officially lose out on their last chance to raise a National Championship banner in the Breslin Center.

For their coach, Tom Izzo, that’s what hurts him the most.

“It’s the Cassius’s, the Josh’s, and the Conner George’s. It’s guys like that, Kyle Ahrens that you got to look at and say they are done,” said Izzo. “They may never play again.”  

Tom Izzo realizes he will get another chance to win a title. He will get another shot to reach the Final Four. It might not happen, but he’ll be given the opportunity.

He knows firsthand how hard it can be to walk away from the game and realizes some guys can’t play forever.

“According to Magic, according to Steven Smith, according to the pros I’ve had when you cut that cord, it is forever,” said Izzo. “I try to tell my guys don’t wish your way out of high school. You never get to go back to high school. Don’t wish your way out of college.”

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