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Tom Izzo's Secret 2011 Weapon Travis Trice Continues to Amass Accolades

Trice is a great basketball player and young man.  Photo courtesy of the Trice family archives.

Trice is a great basketball player and young man. Photo courtesy of the Trice family archives.

Travis Trice continues to stun and amaze scouts with his offensive prowess. The point guard, already committed to Michigan State, continues to make fans excited to see the phenom in the green and white.

Armed with a tremendous shot and great range, Trice has dominated the Greater Western Ohio Conference. The point guard has led his team, the Wayne Warriors, to an 18-1 record and a 10-0 conference record. Most games have not even been close. The Pioneers have posted 98, 101, and even 116 points on opponents this year. Without Trice, the team could not put up scores of this caliber.

Trice has impressed many with his astounding offensive stats, receiving high scores by marks by several scouting agencies. Signed by MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo in August of last year, Trice has proved himself worthy of being a Spartan through his amazing performances this year. The senior is currently averaging 24.2 points a game- three more points a game than anyone else in his conference. He has scored 20 points or more in 16 of Wayne’s 18 games. One of those games was a blowout and the other was a close loss to the number one team in the state of Ohio- the Lakota East Thunderhawks. Regardless of the loss, Trice has had some monstrous games. The point guard posted 44 points in one game in December and dropped 31 in another contest later in the season.

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Though not always great on defense, Trice can always be counted up to put up big numbers on the scoreboard. Not only can he hit shots when stationary, he can also convert on shots when receiving the ball off the bounce. Trice is clutch from the charity stripe, converting about 90% of his free throw shots. He is also willing to pass the ball around, as he has achieved a double double three times this season. When he is hot from behind the arc- watch out. Trice has connected five times from behind the arc three times this year. In each of those games, the Pioneers won by 14 points or more.

Looking at Trice evade defenders and drain 3’s in his highlight films is a dream for Spartan fans. This 6-foot 167-pound Ohio product has fans drooling over his offensive prowess. Though he is not a completed product, Trice is a solid all-around player. He can score from inside and outside and is good at getting steals. He still needs a little work on the defensive side of the ball as well as in making decisions. However, with practice on some of the minute details of his game and help from Coach Izzo, Trice could easily be a five star player. Travis Trice has what it takes to be a Spartan.