Will the big three from MSU get picked BIG tonight?

Hondo S. Carpenter

By Allison Crawford

With the 2006 NBA Draft beginning tonight at 7:00, most people have one question on their mind, who will be the number one pick? Will Andrea Bargnani go first, or will it be Adam Morrison? Nobody knows because this is the most wide-open draft in years, maybe in the history of the NBA Draft. There is one thing that I do know, that’s not the question on my mind. I keep thinking, when will Shannon Brown go? Will Mo Ager and Paul Davis go in the first round? Will they get drafted in the second round? I’ve read a few different mock drafts and watched the ESPN draft preview and the only Spartan that is listed in the first round is Shannon Brown. However, I found a mock draft that listed Mo Ager going 13th. Well, I would agree with that if Mo Ager were playing like he did at the beginning of the 05-06 season. From what I’ve heard, he’s not. A few weeks ago, Hondo posted a mock draft from Fox Sports and they had Paul Davis going 22nd. Well, where is he now? Where did he go? And what about Shannon? Is he a definite first round pick? Well, most websites are reporting Brown going between 20th and 24th. With Shannon, the question on people’s minds is different. They’re not wondering if he’ll get drafted, they’re wondering if he’ll get drafted in the first round. If he’s not drafted in the first round, he’s not guaranteed a contract. Which all means did he make the right move by leaving MSU a year early to enter the draft? I know I’m no draft expert but I do know how these three guys play basketball. All three would add to any team they are drafted too. Be sure to tune in tonight to ESPN at 7:00 to watch the NBA Draft.