2011 Michigan State Football Player Profile: WR Bennie Fowler

Hondo S. Carpenter

2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #13 WR Bennie Fowler

Expectation:Â Starting WR

Height:  6’1”

Weight: 215”

2011 Eligibility:Â Sophomore

EXP:Â 1 Letter

Status:Â Competing for starting WR

Strengths: Go back with me to the Northwestern game last year. You probably already know the play I am about to mention. The Spartans had a second and eleven at the Cats 22. It was the third quarter and there was around 12 minutes on the clock. He took the ball on an end around for the touchdown showing amazing vision and moves. Fowler is such a talented playmaker that the best way to describe him is a master chess player. A master chess player always sees several moves ahead. That is Fowler.

Weakness: Look now at the Purdue game. It was the second quarter with 13:07 left in the half at the Purdue 37. Fowler showed amazing hands to get the ball, but with the Spartans facing a critical down he came up a half yard short. He is so athletic that it is easy for him to take that God-given talent for granted. By not knowing where the down marker was or overly believing in his athletic talent, he failed to get the first down. Sometimes you can be so talented that you forget the little things like remembering where the first down marker is.

Final Analysis: Last year when K Mart (Keshawn Martin) was injured Fowler stepped in and was amazing. Not one to seize the moment considering he got the job with an injury to a teammate, Fowler demonstrated his maturity and character, but reminded people that he was filling in. A class act and a great kid, you can’t help but root for and like Bennie Fowler.

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