2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #3 B.J. Cunningham

Hondo S. Carpenter

BJC is a very good football player and a finer young man. He will have one of the best seasons for a WR in MSU history in 2011.


2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #3 B.J. Cunningham

Expectation:�� Starting All Big Ten WR

Height:  6’2”

Weight:Â 215#

2011 Eligibility:Â Fifth year senior

EXP:Â 3 letters

Status:Â Starting WR

Strengths: Cunningham will finish his career statistically as the greatest MSU WR of all time. You can sum up this young man with one word: TOUGH! Let’s look at the Notre Dame game from last year as a great example. With 4:05 on the clock on the first quarter the Spartans had a third and four at their own 26. He used his body to create separation from the defender and showed amazing hands and toughness to haul the ball in for the first down. That was not a play many WRs could have made, but one we take for granted with BJC.

Weakness: Against WMU in the second quarter there was 8:35 on the clock facing a third and four at the WMU 33. The Spartans called a quick slant for a first down, but BJC took his eyes off the ball looking for the defender and dropped what would have been an easy first.

BJC is always looking for YAC (yards after the catch) and can get so excited about it that he forgets to watch the ball so he can take it with him. It isn’t problematic, but it is his biggest weakness.

Final Analysis: BJC will be greatly missed next year. He will be playing on Sundays and is a super kid. I am not one to spend a lot of time on the past, but with BJC I feel I have to bring up Rather Hall. BJC has NEVER been in trouble. He made a dumb decision, but is a classic example of how second chances should work.

I can tell you as a friend of the family that BJC was not bothered about getting caught; he was bothered that he hurt the Spartan Nation, his coach and teammates, and his family. I would vouch for his integrity and have no problem saying that even though he should not have been at Rather Hall, he belongs on this team and is a super kid. Young people make mistakes. It was once, and his grief was touching to me. I know that I have made mistakes.

I have told friends of mine who work in the NFL that the Rather Hall incident should not bother them. In fact, his maturity in handling it should encourage them. Long time viewers, listeners, and readers of mine know what being a father means to me. How much faith do I have in BJC? I would let him baby-sit my children any day of the week. He is a good kid. Like me and I am most assured you, he did something dumb, but that happens. I respect and I am proud of BJC.

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