Ally Crawford ponders life without Shannon in the Spartan Nation!

Hondo S. Carpenter

By Allison Crawford

Growing up in a family of die-hard MSU basketball fans, you learn to love the game just as much as them. When I came to MSU, I couldn’t wait for the basketball season to start so I could go to the games and cheer on the team from the Izzone. When the 2005-2006 season came to an end in the first round of the NCAA tournament, one question entered my mind, will Shannon Brown return next year or not?

Now I know I’m not the only person in Michigan who is wondering if he’s going or staying. After hearing from Hondo that at least seven teams in the NBA have him going in the first round, lets just say I wasn’t too happy. I admit, I’m not surprised he will most likely go in the first round but its still disappointing knowing how much of a difference Brown not playing at MSU next year will make to the team. I know that MSU won’t have an outstanding team, but I don’t think the team will completely suck either.Â

With Brown most likely gone, we must look at the potential starting lineup for the 2006-2007 season. Well, the guard positions will most likely be given to Drew Neizel and Travis Walton. These two will also alternate between point as well. Neizel has been here for two years and Walton for one so they know the ropes. But, as the starting spot for the 3 position goes, I can see Izzo awarding it to Raymar Morgan. He’ll have some big shoes to fill since the two players who played that spot last season were Mo Ager and Brown. As for the 4 position, that will go to Marquise Gray, if he can stay healthy. His ability to rebound and post up will definitely help the team out. Goran Suton will be the alternate for that spot but the difference between Suton and Gray is Suton has the ability to shoot the long shot. With Paul Davis gone, that means the center position is up for grabs. We all know that Drew Naymick has the potential to play that spot but can he stay injury-free for the season. With Tom Herzog, the 7-foot recruit from Flint coming in, he will work well and can alterate with Naymick and Idong Ibok during the games.  Hopefully the freshman jitters won’t get Herzog too badly has they have other MSU players in the past. I’m sure that the lineup will not be set until December, after Izzo has seen how the players start the season but I feel that this team has potential. Now, I’m not saying potential to go all the way but to prove everyone wrong. If Neizel and Walton would shoot the ball more, that would help tremendously. It’s the little things like that that we need this year from the team. If all the little things get done, it will make for a good season.

Only 4 months and 7 days until Midnight Madness!Â