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Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails...

Why was Ted Gill let go? I heard he was an excellent coach but didn't like to recruit? Guy Jenkins

Mark Dantonio takes a long hard look each year at his staff and if he feels like he has to make an upgrade and can, he does. I would say that there wasn’t just one reason. I have always said and will always say that a coach’s staff is his and his alone. I will say that I like what Coach Burton brings to the table.


Hello Hondo, unlike many Spartan fans, I didn't think Roushar was a terrible offensive coordinator. However, if he were to leave to take the RB position with the Saints it seems to me that we would look outside the program for his replacement. Do you agree? Wayne Steward

I think he would look outward, as he does every time he has an opening. At the end of the day, Brad Salem would be the man to beat for the job.


Who do you think should be the next Spartan great to be honored on the Spartan Stadium Ring of Fame, and when do you think it may happen? I would really like to see Lorenzo White's name up there. Two time first team All-American, two time Big Ten Player of the Year, Big Ten Champion, Rose Bowl Champion, two top-four finishes in the Heisman Trophy balloting, named National Running Back of the Year by both the Washington, DC and Columbus, OH Touchdown Clubs...can there be any doubt as to the credentials on the field? Still my favorite Spartan gridder ever.  Brit

Lorenzo is at the top of the list to be added next. Very well could see it next year. Not saying with certainty, saying a good chance.


Hondo - appreciate your time and thoroughly enjoy what you do to help feed my Spartan Football addiction all through the off-season.  In response to Urban Meyer's comments on the Big Ten needing to pick up its recruiting, what more can MSU do to up its stock in the minds of high school kids (aside from winning like they have shown they can)? Coach Mark Dantonio definitely does a great job finding diamonds in the rough, but can he compete against the likes of Brady Hoke & Urban Meyer? - Josh (New York City)

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Yes, he can. Winning cures all ills. MSU showed last year that a bad season for MSU is no longer three or four wins. It is seven and a bowl game. As long as MSU keeps winning, the program will be fine.


Hondo, There's been a lot of talk about the OL and what part injuries and coaching have played in its performance the last several years. It seems that MSU has had more than its share of injuries.  In my mind an injury is caused by a lack of conditioning, bad luck or bad technique. In this case, I doubt that it’s conditioning. Coach Mannie is too sought after by other programs to doubt how he prepares linemen. I think that there have been too many to be explained by bad luck, which leaves technique. Do you believe improper/poor technique could explain sub-par results and the injuries? Thanks, Mike

Mike, when you look around the conference I can tell you that OL is hit hard across the landscape. Some schools have a good year, but as a running five year total, MSU is right in there among the league. I don’t think it is technique, coaching, or conditioning. Football is violent. It produces injuries and with OL having more spots on the roster compared to every spot it will appear to be more. Great question.


Hondo, Predictions on the 2013 season outlook? Who will be the QB and will be the RB? Also, we all know Dantonio’s philosophies. Do you really think he will make any changes in 2013 to circumvent another 2012, because another 2012 will not be good for his tenure in EL?

Randy from Royal Oak

  • ·        Maxwell starts the year Tyler O’Connor finishes.  
  • ·        Combination of the three freshmen
  • ·        Yes, we will see changes.Â


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