Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, after a solid game versus TCU how do you feel Trae Waynes will do as a starter replacing Johnny Adams? Brian Crawford

I think when this season is over he will be the breakout defensive player of the year. On and off the record players and coaches can’t stop talking about him and his play.

Hondo, what are the percentages that Damion Terry is the starting QB when we line up against WMU? Crandall

0% if he isn’t forced because of injury.

Hondo, you have talked since after the spring game about changes in the MSU offense. You haven’t got specific, but I wonder why others aren’t talking about it? Are you guessing? Frank in Marshall

Frank, I can’t answer for what others do, say, and report. I can only be responsible for me and what I know. No, I am not guessing. As far as being specific, if Coach Dantonio wanted specifics out he would have talked to them. Revisit this question back to me after the start of the B1G season.

Hondo, who are the fastest players on the team? Kim

One: Trae Waynes. 4.3 guy in the 40. Not even close. 2/3) Darqueze Dennard & Bennie Fowler. Both 4.4 guys

Dear Hondo: It is very frustrating and embarrassing to read the quote from Dion Sims (about losing all the weight after he was done at MSU).  Will Ken Mannie, Dantonio and a new nutritionist really focus on this, or won't current players see the light until it's time for the NFL combine? Glenn T. Marrichi

 Great question Glenn. People hammer on coaches, but with the limited involvement they have by NCAA rules, they can’t live the player’s life. Several players were told by agents that they had to lose weight or it would cost them tens of thousands of dollars. I know players with weight issues that didn’t play, but if you have them and are still the best option they have to go with you. Players find extra motivation when money is on the line.

 Do you have any idea how Coach D plans on allocating the extra money placed in his budget? I have read that he will be putting on a full time recruiting coordinator and I've read about the nutrition bar. I can't really see those things costing 4 million dollars. I can't imagine that 4 million dollars won't have a positive impact on the program but do you think it is enough to push us to the next level..and by that I mean realistic goals of expecting 10 win seasons and BCS bowls? Also, is the revamping of the sports medicine clinic tied to the newly allocated money or is it separate from the football budget? Thanks, Brady

Staff additions will be key, but he will also expand his recruiting budget and do many improvements such as the Duffy building locker room. Everyone knows about the North End stadium locker rooms, but the Duffy ones are used every day. The training area will FINALLY be updated. Will it put MSU back on the level? It will let MSU catch up, BUT the next question is whether they put a long term plan in place or do they sit back and rest now that they did this and let the momentum fade. As I said when I broke the story, this was the start and far from the end.

Hondo, I saw on the Spartan Nation message board a thread about what new names have the biggest impact. Who do you think? Becky

Bollman and Burton. Probably were thinking I would pick players eh, but those two are big names that will have a big impact.

 There you go everyone, another week of your MSU FB questions and emails. Do you have one for next week? Email me atSpartanNationMail@yahoo.comand in the subject line include FB Q/A and you must include your name!