Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Michigan Edition…

Hondo S. Carpenter

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Michigan Edition…


Hondo, UM tackle Taylor Lewan said the he felt like the Spartans have bullied the Wolverines. Any thoughts on that? Kyl

He’s right and they are about to do it again.


Hondo, in the spirit of Michigan vs. Michigan State week, if you had to sum up your thoughts about Saturday, what would you say? Melissa

MSU is a bully and UM better get an extra chin strap. Lewan’s comments were like asking the choir for an Amen. His words were taken like throwing red meat to a Lion and it is going to be hand to hand combat on Saturday. I believe in the law on unintended consequences and I do not think Lewan realized what that quote would mean in East Lansing. It wasn’t bulletin board material at all. They took it like a compliment and it was. MSU cares deeply about this game and I am sure they are thankful that Lewan recognized it as such.


Hondo, I love what Coach D does when the game is wrapped up. He shows true class when doing so.
Justin in Dowagiac

Agree, Justin. It shows class and respect for the game. I know he has done it against people he didn’t care for either. Dantonio respects the game and I have hammered on it for a long time. Super observation, Sir.


Hondo, when I read the UM lineman’s comments whining about MSU being physical I thought it was a disgrace. You care to share your thoughts? Mike

I thought it was not well thought out by him. While you heard whining, I think the MSU team heard, “Thank you Sir, may I have more.”Â


Hondo, My comment to all the complainers about our Spartan football team...Buck up Buttercup. Nobody denies the O is struggling but to give up on your Spartans? C'mon man! Mike Lee Okemos

I agree. Not many of those this week, but a lot of people look for reasons to be unhappy in our culture today. Sadly, it isn’t just a MSU Football thing.


Hondo, any idea when you think MSU might get another commitment for the 2014 class? Cheryl.

I would expect after Saturday.


Hi Hondo, You had written that the MSU-Purdue game could possibly be a lopsided MSU win.

Would you share your thoughts about the MSU offense after the Purdue game? Thank you very much!


I think the Purdue game was a step back and a major blow to the face. MSU has talent on offense. I have long disagreed with those saying they lacked skill on that side of the ball. I do not think they can play like our defense and still dominate on a bad day. I LOVE how Cook responded to the Purdue game.

Hondo, Is there a specific type of player that Dantonio goes after?  Many of the players seem to have the same traits.  First, they have to be able to play.  Obviously.  Second, they seem to value education at or near the top of the list.  Most seem to know that the piece of paper they get when they wear that square hat is going to do just as much for their life as football has.  Third, many of them seem to be young men of faith.  Whether or not it is intentional, Dantonio seems to surround himself with other people of faith.  It's not the rule that every player is religious, but it seems to be a majority.  Maybe they are just more vocal about their faith so it seems like a majority. Jeff in Sagnasty

Hi, Jeff. Great points. They do look for a certain player. Being a young man of faith is something they look for specifically. I can’t tell you the number of recruits that Dantonio’s unashamed commitment to faith draws to him. Many of them reference that. MSU is in on DE Darius Slade for that specific reason. He told me, “I want to play around men of faith and that really matters to me and impressed me about Michigan State.” Who knows where he will end up, but the Spartans go after great players who fit a mold, but the faith is more from the recruit angle being drawn to them. They don’t go seeking that out.


Hondo, I heard you on the radio show ask people about this game. Is it bigger this year for Hoke or Dantonio? What do you think? Ryan

Easy: Hoke. This is always a big game, but if Dantonio wins he has taken five of six and is the mighty Wolverine hunter and if Hoke wins he can say he has restored “Order” to the rivalry taking the last two. If MSU wins Saturday, he is in no danger of losing his job, but the whining will be so loud coming from the entitled UM fan base.


Hondo, you have been around a long time. Just wondering what you consider the greatest single effort by one player on either side in this rivalry. Geoff

Easy. John Miller’s four interception game. On that one day he was a personal, No Fly Zone. It was a super human display that I wonder if it will ever be duplicated. Lost in that game was how well he played when they didn’t throw at him.


Hondo, my husband called the Ticket Machine; we have our tickets and see you Saturday. Do you have a tailgate? Is there a way to meet you? Jellina

It is a work day for me Jellina and I won’t be tailgating. Have a great time though and thanks for using the Ticket Machine.


Hondo, please do not ever have a Wolverine on your radio show like Ron Bellamy again. Especially this week. It is very hard to hate him when he comes off as such a classy and respectful man. Kurt

He is a fine man. Thanks for listening.


Hondo, as a Wolverine I want to thank you for having Ron Bellamy on your show, for being so respectful of Coach Hoke, and embracing this rivalry from a deep, but fun place. Gary

Thanks Gary. This is a deep rivalry. People do care, but there are also a lot of great people from both sides and to me it makes it more enjoyable.


Hondo, if this is too personal and you don’t want to answer I understand. I have a friend who has a child that attended kindergarten with your son. She told my wife and I that your son told the teacher the very first day when it was time to color that, “I don’t use blue or yellow anything. I am allergic.” She said he refused the entire year. Said he wouldn’t even use blue or yellow paper on art projects. Is that true and if it is what a great job of parenting? Craig

Yes. He is in 4th grade now and he still refrains from using those colors unless he mixes them in which case they make green.


There you go everyone, another week of your questions and emails. You can have your question or email used when you send me a note at and put in the subject line Football Q/A

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