Brian Hoyer Shines on Grand NFL Stage, Bringing Pride to the Spartan Nation!

Hondo S. Carpenter

With a duck of his head, Brian Hoyer ran into the end zone on Sunday to score the first touchdown of his young pro-career. Yes, that Brian Hoyer. The Spartan Nation’s own.


Photo Courtesy of Axel Hoyer
Photo Courtesy of Axel Hoyer

Perhaps one of the most maligned stars in Spartan history, Hoyer showed off the impressive accuracy and command of the huddle that has had Bill Belichick (the often considered football guru) impressed since day one. The guru said about Hoyer earlier in the year, “He throws it accurately.” Belichick is not known for glowing analysis, but he has also said that is what makes Brady a great QB.


It is a badge of honor that Belichick went into the season with only two QBs. Remarkable, the undrafted Hoyer was the only one backing up a future hall of famer in Brady coming off of a serious injury. Belichick’s trust is more valuable than the words of praise that rarely come.


Hoyer was nine for eleven for an over 80% completion rate on Sunday, and he ran the ball for six yards. It was a great time for the youngster from North Olmsted, Ohio. The man that many used as fodder for frustration with a conservative offense, showed mobility and accuracy, the two things some in the Spartan Nation doubted he had.

Click here to watch video of Brian's first NFL game.

True to his form, the humble Hoyer has never used his success to make others look bad. In fact, he did what he always did and simply displayed the trademark team first attitude that has endeared him at every level he has ever played.


Hoyer has been essentially mum about himself, but not about his team. Hoyer told Spartan Nation before, “You look into the huddle and you have all of these guys whose football card you always wanted. I mean I get to throw passes to Randy Moss and Wes Welker.”


The Patriot family has loved Hoyer since he showed up. In fact, jettisoning other QBs in front of him with each pass and team meeting that he shined in. Things like, “Hoyer shuts up and learns and when he talks you listen; he is a very good football player.” 


In his post game press conference, Belichick was questioned about his choice of plays when Hoyer was in the game. He brushed the question off, “We wanted to give Brian a chance to do was to run the plays he's going to have to run at some point if he plays,” and Hoyer will.


Hoyer’s play sent waves of optimism through the much-heralded Boston sports radio market today as Patriots’ fans took pleasure in yet again, Coach Belichick finding another treasure.


Photo Courtesy of Axel Hoyer!
Photo Courtesy of Axel Hoyer!

Hoyer deserves the accolades. Could there have been a better birthday present than his first win in an NFL regular season game he played in? Well, he is on his way to London for this week’s game, but don’t wait for Hoyer to tell you how good life is. 


He told me at dinner in Ohio this summer, “Fans are great, and I do make mistakes. I don’t get mad at them, I just try to play mistake free.” While a lot of people have egg on their face with the success of Hoyer, don’t worry he won’t rub it in. He is too busy trying to be humble and play perfect. Something he nearly did on Sunday.


Brian may not brag about himself, but a day after Hoyer’s big game, the Coach still sang his praise. "It was his first chance to play since the preseason game against the Giants. I thought Brian handled himself pretty well. We just ran our offense with him in there. We had some checks, some third-down situations, and so forth. I thought he handled himself well and got in the end zone on one scoring drive. A good learning experience for him, different positions on the field. But I thought he handled those well, handled the ball well, and managed the team and the situation he was in there on."