Come Meet Drew Stanton and TJ Duckett In Person on Saturday, 1/26/08, in Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Hondo S. Carpenter

Legends Sports in Grand Rapids: Centerpoint Mall. 12:00-1:30pm  (616) 940-1676 

Legends Sports in Lansing Mall (By the food court)  3:30-5:00pm  (517) 321-0068 


Both Drew Stanton and TJ Duckett will be available at the above times to sign autographs for fans. Legends will have great looking pictures for sale as well as helmets, footballs and other items. Autographs are only 15.00 each or 2-$25.00. You can get two of one player or one of each for the$ 25.00 sale price. A bargain for two NFL players and great Spartan Legends. These are always great events and Drew and TJ are two of the more personable players you will ever meet. You can pre-buy your tickets today or wait to get them at the door. DON'T MISS this Spartan Event as it will be very popular. GO GREEN!! 



Do you live out of town and want to order items OR send your items to us to get signed: 

You can email Lou at or call them at 616-940-4181. Also there will be order information soon at where you can order the items right from the website- although if you can make it in person it is always more fun, these two guys are great so bring your camera too if you can make it. The cost of mail orders items is 20.00 for each player or 30.00 for both. If you are sending your item to us PLEASE have it to us by Friday January 25th, 2008. Please email for address/shipping info. All items will be returned with COA 2-3 days after the event is done. Return postage is 5.00 for pictures and small items and 10.00 for helmets, footballs and larger items.

Thanks and we hope to see you there, 



For Directions or more info you can check the website at: 

Also if you are a tiger fan Brandon Inge will be at both stores this Satuday 1/19/08 and Al Kaline on 4/26/08. 

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