Detroit News writer gives Heisman potential to Henne and stiffs Stanton

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Just look at the author and you will see why. Dave Dye the beat writer would have been a good guy to consult? This is a joke. Every other magazine and preseason guide looks to Stanton as a potential winner (none of us think he is the front runner) and his hometown paper can't even give him props. That is trying so hard to prove "neutrality" that it becomes ignorant. She is a great reporter and writer but this is pitiful! O.K. lets just admit that your a UM homer? I don't hide that I love MSU but at least I put it out in the open and at least I am fair. Henne is in no way more of a Heisman hopeful then Stanton and this story once again proves my point that the media isn't neutral, we all look through our lenses. I just wish more of the media would be honest about it.