English not the front runner but will get his chance to talk to MSU if they want to

Hondo S. Carpenter

Whether or not UM likes it, they can’t stop Ron English from talking to MSU. The black coaches association will get involved if they try to “impede” any MSU interest or more importantly other schools since it would appear another front runner is coming to the top for MSU. What may hurt English more then UM not wanting him to come to East Lansing (or any other school) is the fact that UM will have either the national championship game or another BCS game late in the year. UM “will not” let him leave before that according to a source inside the University of Michigan’s athletic department.

I had two sources close to the search at MSU tell conflicting stories about whether UM had told MSU “no” when they asked to talk to him, and my source inside the UM athletic office simply told me “Hondo I just can’t comment about that to you on the record even anonymously.”

The people at MSU are “intrigued” by English but would like a coach in place before that. This is going to get real interesting and could throw even more gas on the fire in this rivalry. English is “not” the front-runner that man is emerging and I will talk about him later.

I have been asked to hold off talking about the man that in many people’s eyes is the emerging front runner and I did even with my first list, but I was told today that “you can talk about it real soon,” and when I do I will have a bunch of details.

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