Five Biggest Answers Facing Michigan State Football this Spring…

Hondo S. Carpenter

Five Answers with MSU Spring Football…

On Monday I wrote about the five questions with Spartan football this spring. Today we take a different angle and go Jeopardy on you.
Today we will address five answers!

1) G Chris MAGNUS McDonald He is the anchor of the OL and the leader. He is going to be a pre season all B1G player and is a solid rock. As great as Joel Foreman was last year there were games that he outplayed him. 2012 will be one of the best OLs the Spartans have ever had, and Magnus is the leader.

2) RB LeVeon Bell is a game changer. He is a monster bodied human being with so much talent. He is such a rare combination of speed and power that you have a better shot of seeing a T Rex in your bathtub then finding his God given skill set each year in recruiting. He will be the best back in the B1G when the 2012 campaign is over. He won’t get the amount of reps Javon Ringer did in his last year, because he has more support behind him. How many backs can inflict pain on defenders with each take down? The first defender never takes him down and he plays RB with the mentality of his defense.  We haven’t seen a back with the ability of Bell since Ringer. Bell and Ringer are different players, but as meaningful to their team respectively.

3) DL Marcus Rush, William Gholston and Anthony Rashad White. There are 13, yes THIRTEEN other very good players on that DL, but these three are bona fide stars right now (many of the others will be) who lead the nation’s best defense at the point of attack. Their ability to stuff the run, be space eaters for the LBs and get pressure in passing situations without having to blitz make them priceless. The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls with a DL that allowed them to blitz when they wanted and not when they had to. These three Amigos are precisely that for Pat Narduzzi.

4) MLB Max Bullough This young man is the best MLB at MSU since Percy Snow. He is instinctive, fearsome and plays the game of football the way God intended. He is smart in the classroom, a freak in the weight room, an addict in the film room and an assassin on the field. At the recent MSU pro day more than one scout looked over at him on the sidelines with his family and coveted the Spartans man in the middle. He will be a captain this fall and this young man is a warrior that leads from the front.

5) P Mike Sadler PK Dan Conroy K Kevin Muma Mark Dantonio has said time and time again that special teams are the most important part of the game of football. With all three of these young men back there are no worries or concerns with these critical specialists.

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