Georgia Star 2013 DE Recruit Antonio Riles Has Michigan State's Attention and the Spartans Have His

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When the phrase “shut down your borders” is thrown around in recruiting, it applies to coaches who try to block their rival schools from
swiping players away from the home state school. In the case of Mark Dantonio and Mark Richt, Michigan State is in the midst of a full on pursuit of Georgia talent.

Antonio Riles, a strong side defensive end from Lawrenceville, Georgia is a highly sought after recruit in the class of 2013. The 6’4” 272 pound quarterback slayer holds offers from schools such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, MSU and Tennessee, but that hasn’t changed him, he is still the same guy roaming the halls of Archer
High School.

“Other people eat [the recruiting process up],” said Riles. “Not me. “

Recruits from the state of Georgia are starting to take notice of Dantonio’s recruiting, and it’s helping secure talent from the region. Riles believes it will have an
impact on his recruitment.

“Yes (the heavy Georgia contingent plays a role} in the recruitment,” explained Riles. “I know it’s a very good school. Nick Thompkins came up there, so I’m familiar.”

Riles plans on attending camps all summer, but plans for a visit up to MSU have not been solidified. The defensive end has a list of what he would like to find in a school.

“It has to be a great school, of course academically,” said Riles. “It has to be a school that I can pursue my career, get better and as good as I can and just help the team and be in a position to help the team.”

Coaches preach that the low man always wins the battle, but taller players find it difficult to consistently get low. One of Riles best characteristics on the field is his pad level.

“Of course everyone still struggles with it,” explained Riles. “We try and emphasize it a lot in practice and we’re working on it.”

Riles would like to study telecommunications in college and believes that even with all of his NFL potential, his college degree must be pursued and eventually attained.

“I’ve spoken to my dad a lot about how important education is,” said Riles. “I have that chance in college and I plan on pursuing a degree.”

Before he steps foot onto whatever college campus he choses, Riles believes there are two parts of his game that need improvement; his pass rush and disengaging with linemen. According to some, Riles’s best football is still ahead of him.

“He’s the best,” said a Division 1 coach who asked to remain anonymous. “There are some technique things he can learn, but that kid is the best.”

Riles hopes to make a verbal commitment before his season starts.