Is the Answer to Restoring MSU Football already on Campus

Hondo S. Carpenter

Is the Answer to Restoring MSU Football already on Campus

Let’s get the record straight; I am not under the chemical influence of anything. With that said, I simply ask you to read this article critically; remain calm and read the entire article before you jump off the ship. I am not saying that his hiring is imminent but I am saying it is being talked about.

All MSU has to do is look towards the Breslin Center and Tom Izzo to see possibly that the man to restore MSU greatness is none other than Izzo himself. Here are the facts:


  1. Tom’s passion for football is unmatchable. Beyond just his passion, he is also extremely knowledgeable. Although I know that most people do not get to spend time with Tom, I can attest that discussion with him often steers towards football and he understands the sport from its roots. I have heard him claim many times that football is his sport and that is the sport he should have always coached.
  2. Tom has already proven that his recruiting abilities are exceptional. He has become a masterful recruiter because of his tireless effort and persistence with his targets. Over the past few weeks, as John L. Smith has been packing the ship up, it has been Izzo on the football recruiting trail ensuring continuity between staffs. It is also no surprise that every recruit he has spoken to has fallen in love with him. He won’t get every recruit that he goes after, but he has credibility that will able him to bring in some players that didn’t express interest beforehand. His connections with high schools in Michigan will give him and inherent advantage over any other coach we bring in. Two nationally ranked players have given word that if Izzo were the headman; their interest in MSU would grow exponentially.
  3. Izzo built the MSU basketball program based on discipline. He will instantly instill a disciplined approach to our football squad. Stupid penalties, dropped passes and other mistakes that have plagued MSU football would not be tolerated under his regime.
  4. Is there anyone harder nosed than Tom? Nope. And that’s exactly what we need!
  5. With the help of his friends, Saban and Mooch, Izzo WOULD assemble one of the best staffs in college football; it would rival any other staff in the nation. Any great coach in the country would love the attention that would be inbuilt in coaching with Izzo.
  6. Tom has never hidden the fact that he does not want to coach basketball at MSU forever. Would the transition be easier now or in a few years? With him becoming football coach, it would keep him around at MSU until he is ready to retire for good.
  7. Jim Boylen was brought to MSU to be his successor. He is ready to be a head coach and proven that he is capable. The transition between Tom and Jim would be seamless. Boylen has consistently spurned the NBA to be at MSU; I am confident that he can do the job and do it well.
  8. Last year during the Pistons playoff run I had two interesting conversations with two different NBA team executives.  They both stated that they thought Jim was better than “…some guys who are already head coaches in the NBA.” They also said “…I can’t believe he went to MSU to wait.”
  9. The timing is right. With the next recruiting class signed and the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic over, Tom can immediately turn his attention to football. Boylen is ready to take over a basketball team that is set to win 18-20 games regardless.
  10. Tom has the ability to unify the Spartan Nation fan base. The fan base is so divided that only Tom (based on the potential candidates) can instantly unify it.Â
  11. The publicity that the hiring of Tom would generate would be the biggest story in college sports in the last 50 years. Imagine Sports Illustrated, ESPN and all of the other media outlets giving MSU great press. MSU football would be the talk of the country. Would most people think that he could do it? NOPE. Yet, do most know him like Spartan Nation? NOPE. Lastly, when someone tells Izzo that he will fail, how often does he? NEVER. Great reward involves taking a great risk. However, is hiring Tom that big of a risk anyway?
  12. How many times has everyone said: Why can’t we find someone like Izzo to coach the football team…? Bingo!
  13. Tom is here, he understands the politics and can accomplish what he wants to do and do it how he wants to. No one can tell Tom how to do the job or to do anything in general. He doesn’t owe anyone anything and he cannot be controlled like some other coaches could.
  14. Tom Izzo does not need MSU. MSU needs Tom Izzo. He is always looking for a new task and challenges are his drive. He is the one person at MSU constantly preaches to the media that football is king. He knows that no matter how much success he has with basketball, football success will always be supreme.  
  15. Four months ago I had a senior official with an NFL team tell me “…the best football coach at MSU is Tom Izzo. It may sound crazy but he could do it.”
  16. I believe he would give serious consideration to the job. Let’s just ask him MSU and see!

One of my colleagues, Steve Grinczel, wrote a very intriguing article yesterday along the same subject line as mine telling us that MSU should look at him also. Will MSU now turn to him and hand over the keys to the Duffy?Â

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