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Jayden Reed on Michigan State: ‘I just felt at home here’

Former Western Michigan wide receiver Jayden Reed felt at home in East Lansing, which was a big reason he transferred and became a Spartan.

Michigan State wide receiver Jayden Reed doesn't regret transferring from Western Michigan "at all."

In fact, he's pleased with where he is right now despite sitting out last year due to NCAA rules (Reed still practiced with the team).

"I'm glad because it shaped my character in a way. It helped me become a better person. It helped me become more patient. It really gave me a year to get faster and stronger – focus on myself," Reed told reporters Monday night.

Michigan State University was the right place for Reed because he "felt at home here," having known Spartan quarterback Payton Thorne since middle school.

"I was comfortable here," said Reed. "I also have Cade McDonald, who is on the receiver roster as well. Malik Hall is my best friend from back home. I played with him in high school basketball … that's really what drove me the most."

When asked if he can beat Hall in a game of one-on-one, Reed smiled and said:

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"Oh man, I almost dunked on Malik if you ask him. If you ask him, he'll tell you. Almost don't count though, but he is a big guy."

The answer, while playful, speaks to his competitive nature.

"Ever since I've been in high school, I haven't been the biggest' big time' player. I was a three-star; I wasn't a five-star. I always faced those types of guys.

"Whoever I'm in front of, I feel like I'm going to take it to them regardless of what their label is … whoever is in front of me, I'm just ready to compete. So, it doesn't matter who it is; I'm going to come at you. That's how I feel," Reed said.

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