Legal Trouble For Three MSU Football Players

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Playing a Big Ten football schedule and preparing a hundred men to play a highly disciplined game certainly has its challenges. Over the last two coaching regimes, MSU football has been hit with its share off field incidents that landed players on the wrong side of the law. Highly touted recruits landed in jail while other players were suspended leaving their selfish mark on MSU football.

Painful memories linger from multiple legal incidents that occurred during the Bobby Williams and John L Smith eras. Spartans everywhere have long hoped that those problems were behind us. Before Mark Dantonio is able to remove the legal stigma that has followed MSU football over the last decade, he’ll have to handle his first set of legal problems surrounding three Spartan football players.

Earlier in the year we reported that SirDarean Adams and T J Williams were in the ‘Dantonio Doghouse’ for unspecified reasons. At the start of summer camp SirD responded directly to our story when he told the local media that he was not in the doghouse, but merely taking care of family business in Florida. We received numerous e-mails denouncing our earlier report. It was obviously false after Adams’ proclamed that it was just business as usual. We never wavered from our earlier position and frankly wish that we had been wrong after learning new details yesterday. We never knew the details that landed both Adams and Williams in the doghouse. Like many other Spartans we hope that three of our Spartan men are cleared of wrongdoing.

SirDarean Adams, T J Williams and Jeremy Ware were charged yesterday in East Lansing District Court with unarmed robbery. Adams and Williams are key pieces to the MSU defense while Ware has anxiously been waiting his turn. All three players maintain their innocence and it is best that we all give them the benefit of the doubt so that this doesn’t turn into Duke Lacrosse Drama Part II.

We are told that these young men will remain on the active football roster and will continue to play for Michigan State and Mark Dantonio unless their status changes to that of guilt. Please do not rush to conclusions. Remember that these are three young men that have a trial pending and they need our support as fellow Spartans unless guilt is established. will bring further details of this case to light in the coming days.

Hondo has known Mark Dantonio for almost 15 years; he is a man of fairness, truth and integrity. Fans will certainly question Mark’s intentions to let these men participate with their Spartan teammates. stands firmly behind Coach Dantonio’s decision to let our justice system go to work. Our position remains strong with Coach Dantonio and his staff. We know that if a tough decision is required, Mark Dantonio will answer the bell.

Needless speculation surrounding this case will not be a part of Spartan Nation’s reporting practices. We will provide facts that we garner from both the MSU community and the legal process.