Mark Dantonio's New Defensive Back Weapon Jermaine Edmondson Is Ready to Rock and Roll For for the Spartans!


Edmondson plays with the same downfield attack style of his coach, legendary Spartan Harlon DA BANG STICK Barnett.  Photo courtesy of Edmondson.
Edmondson plays with the same downfield attack style of his coach, legendary Spartan Harlon DA BANG STICK Barnett. Photo courtesy of Edmondson.


The Michigan State Spartans made a splash right as Big Ten media day rolled around, landing safety and Canton, Ohio native Jermaine Edmondson to join the class of 2012.


Edmondson, currently a star player at McKinley High School, made his decision after getting his own personal tour of Michigan State’s campus and really enjoying the atmosphere. Even head coach Mark Dantonio, whose face is often stern and humorless, had a swagger about him in Chicago after landing the stud safety. The Spartans added another good player in what is turning out to be a great class. He recently joined us on Spartan Nation Radio.


“When I first went there for my junior day, [the coaches] showed us so much love,” Edmondson said. “They showed us around campus, just showing everything great. Most of the students at the college knew who we were.”


The “we” Edmondson is referring to, along with himself, is friend and fellow MSU recruit Sevon Pittman. Pittman committed to the Spartans a couple short weeks ago, and Edmondson said that Pittman did his part in trying to convince his fellow athlete to attend the same college and wreak havoc on the same football field. In the end, after weighing out all the pros and cons, it was Edmondson who made the decision for himself.


“[Sevon] told me he would really like for me to go to college with him, so we could be there together and have each other’s back,” Edmondson said. “We both just said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna be going to the same college.’”


Edmondson said he wants to get stronger and faster before he steps onto the turf at Spartan Stadium. He realizes he has to make better breaks for the football in defensive situations, using his hips to get to the football before the receiver does. Edmondson says he has “an instinct” to find the ball and leap towards it.


Edmondson’s coaches at Michigan State, including defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi and Harlem Barnett, will get Edmondson into better shape and utilize his athleticism. He called Narduzzi a friendly guy and is excited to work with him on bettering his game.


After all, Edmondson is a hungry player on the gridiron. Off the field he keeps his friends close, but going up against his friends when they are his opponents is another story. The football field almost becomes a place of sanctity as he pours his abilities in the effort of one goal: winning the game.


“I have no choice,” Edmondson chuckled. “I want to win a ring this year, and at Michigan State we are trying to win rings. On the field, it’s all business.”


That kind of work ethic and playing attitude is probably what made Dantonio and his assistant coaches so enthralled with Edmondson. He wants to win and be a cog which helps the team reach such heights, and that is the only way to determine success at a Big Ten school.