Michigan State's Chris Kapilovic Talks the Offensive Line

McLain Moberg

The new Michigan State coaching staff must approach an issue that plagued the old one for the previous two seasons.

Finding a way to fix the run game without any on-field coaching. But having watched film of his guys, Kapilovic had this to say about how far away they are from having a successful rushing attack.

"I have watched some film of them. You watch a little bit just kind to get an idea of what some of these guys have done and who they are," said Kapilovic. "The flip side to that is, you like to come to your own conclusions from your working with them on the field."

Obviously, due to the coronavirus, no one has seen their players in a traditional on-field setting, making it even harder for a new coaching staff to realize their teams' full potential. However, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order Monday, which rescinded certain restrictions, including athletic practices, as long as social distancing is maintained. So, fall sports may resume their offseason activities.

"So, that's going to be a little tougher and maybe whatever we get done in the summer. So, it's kind of a mix, you kind of get an idea of what they are capable of and maybe you see something that you might be able to help them with. But you really like to come to your own conclusion from working with them on the field," Kapilovic says. "One of the blessings that comes with injuries is you have several people that have played before, so that's a plus. Without the cohesion, they haven't had five guys work together; it doesn't seem like all year from just this past season."

Kapilovic's focus will remain on keeping his team healthy.

"It's very difficult to be a great offensive line when you are constantly changing pieces and having to bring in new guys," he said. "That's obviously a huge focus from the weight room to the training room, to practice, to keep getting these guys healthy so we can get the cohesiveness."

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The o line got pushed back in several games last year . They don’t seem as strong as they used to be. Improve the weight program and bring in higher rated talent to make the o line a much more productive unit.