Michigan State's Ted Gilmore Talks Coaching Receivers

McLain Moberg

For nearly his entire career Ted Gilmore has worked with wide receivers, but at Michigan State, he will be switching to tight ends.

After coaching wideouts for 24 years, he should be able to teach the Spartan tight ends a thing or two, which is what he plans on doing, saying he will "coach them as if they are a wide receiver."

"I'm going to put those same pressures on them to transition to get out of their break as I did the smaller guys. That won't change. From a run blocking standpoint, I mean, my mindset won't change," said Gilmore. "I came from a school where we had to block. That won't change either, any different from a tight end standpoint, we're just doing it in some cases in tighter restrictions. That's not going to be an adjustment for me at all."

Gilmore believes "football is football," and doesn't see how the tight end position has "changed at all."

"From the tight end position, you're recruiting a bigger skill athlete. At the end of the day, it comes down to blocking, tackling, playing with your hands. All those things we coached 20 years ago, we're still coaching to this day. There is more creativity in offense as far as opening things up, but for us, we're going to do all of that," Gilmore said. "You'll be attached as an in-line guy, you be detached. The game truly has not changed, in my opinion. Some schemes have changed, but the fundamental aspect is all the same."

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