Michigan State in a Great Position with 2013 Stud Offensive Tackle & Great Young Man Kyle Bosch


Mark Dantonio and super stud 2013 OT Kyle Bosch spent two hours talking character, school and football on a recent visit to East Lansing.  Photo courtesy of Bosch.
Mark Dantonio and super stud 2013 OT Kyle Bosch spent two hours talking character, school and football on a recent visit to East Lansing. Photo courtesy of Bosch.


Michigan State football is already on track to land one of the nation’s top twenty recruiting classes in 2012. Michigan State’s staff is wasting no time evaluating and even offering the premier talent in the class of 2013. 

Kyle Bosch, an offensive lineman from Wheaton, Illinois is one of those premier recruits for 2013 and has amassed somewhere around 20 scholarship offers before the start of his junior season. The tackle from St. Francis is already 6’5” tall and 280 pounds putting all the weight in the right places to be a Big Ten offensive tackle.

He recently took time to visit with us on Spartan Nation Radio. What he had to say was amazing.

We asked Kyle specifically about his development as a player. He had this to say about his coaches at St. Francis. “My assistant coach, Coach Jessie Pierce he’s our line coach at our school. He’s done a great job with me over the years. Last year I was primarily a right tackle going into my sophomore year. He got me into the left handed stance and (I started) playing left tackle. Coach Joe Horreny is our other offensive line coach. He’s done a great job with me. I have to give all those guys all the credit for getting me to where I am right now.”

Bosch plays tackle with a bit of an edge; some might call it a mean streak. “I play pretty dirty… I don’t talk trash, I don’t go for low blows, but I play with a chip on my shoulder. I always love to knock a guy out, but I always help him up.” It is often a kid’s competitive nature as much as it is his body type and athleticism that determines his success at the next level. Bosch has the right mindset to become a dominant division one prospect.

Kyle spoke about his footwork and the strides he’s made improving his pad level and playing with better technique. “I’m going to say it is great coaching. I am not going to say I’ve always had great footwork, but I’ve played a couple years of basketball and even then I wasn’t very coordinated. From my freshman year and (into) my sophomore year, the coaching has been tremendous for my footwork and some of the drills we’ve been doing.”

Like most high school football players making their way toward the college game, Kyle is looking to improve his body. “This off-season, I am going to try and gain five, ten, twenty, thirty pounds of good weight. I am not going to try and get fat. My body fat is about 17% and I’d like to keep it at seventeen if not below.” Kyle is only a junior this fall so he will likely grow another inch or two as well as add good weight to be Big Ten ready.

It is evident Kyle has developed a really affinity for the Michigan State coaching staff. He spoke at length about the MSU coaches and their approach. “I love MSU, their coaching staff (has) to be one of the most family oriented staffs I have ever seen. They come up to you. They shake your hand. They are all ‘straight-up’ with you. Coach Staten and Coach Roushar both told me how tough it is going to be, but they also told me the benefits. I really admire that. They didn’t beat around the bush. If you bust your butt, we’ll give you all the resources you (need) to get there. I really admired that.”

Mark Dantonio has been building the MSU football program by recruiting both depth and character. He has steadily infused a no nonsense approach while upgrading the talent and culture around the MSU program. Kyle Bosch is the right type of kid. He fits the MSU system and culture. 

He has developed a real connection with Coach D and spoke with us about his meeting with the man steering the Spartan ship. “Coach Dantonio is a great guy. I sat down and talked to him for a couple hours. Before we talked any football, he put the emphasis on character, about being a good kid, being a good athlete. Being a good kid comes before being a good athlete, to (Coach Dantonio). I really respected that.”

The Spartans are in a strong position with Kyle and will likely host him a number of times before he makes his decision. Spartan Nation will check in with Kyle throughout the recruiting process and provide more information as he gives us updates.

He is entering his junior season and told Spartan Nation that he expects to make his college choice near or at the end of his junior year. No matter what school he picks, Bosch is one of the good guys.