Jay Johnson Talks Quarterback Homework During COVID-19

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI— Jay Johnson, the new Michigan State offensive coordinator, doesn’t get the usual spring to develop and evaluate his quarterbacks. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, that will have to wait. So as he sent his field generals home to wait for the virus out, he gave them homework to study.

He said, “It’s been positive. Yeah, it’s a bunch of homework on the mental aspect of things, when we first were able to meet there briefly before the break, was a lot of defensive work. That’s where we’re going to start in the quarterback room is looking at what teams are doing defensively and learning that language. And so that’s been a big piece of that and then just kind of my, I guess, the approach will be very holistic with those guys and also if we’re going to run inside zone, outside zone, counter, power, whatever you’re going to run, I want them to know the why and what’s all involved in that. A lot of our discussions have been on that. I mean, shoot they’re making the O-line calls, they’re doing it all because I feel that we can be very well-rounded in that capacity that they can have a plan, that they can go execute the plan. Maybe the plan might have been a little bit different than I would approach it, but if they know how to do it, they’ll get all of us on the proper page offensively, and we’ll have a chance to have a successful play. It’s been a lot of that defensive background work, and it’s kind of learning all the ins and outs that we could have offensively to help them be prepared.”

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