State of Michigan State Football June Episode III

Hondo S. Carpenter

On this episode of the state of Michigan State football podcast with Spartan Nation senior writer Jon Schopp, we dig in deep on the gridiron.  We discuss a myriad of topics including:

· Should school ask players to sign a non-binding waiver due to COVID-19?

· How can a player who is under the age of 18 sign something binding?

· How do school appropriate tickets with limited seating?

· Will schools alienate donors who can’t get tickets?

· Will a certain number of season ticket holder not want to go?

· Will donation be hurt, when people not included selected don’t get allotted tickets?

· How does the University plan losing millions in parking, food, and lost ticket sales.

· Will protests (on any matter) hurt programs?

· You can’t tell players what they can and can’t protest, so is there a Pandora’s Box being opened?

· Private and public schools handing of protests?

· Private business like the NFL, can they stop protests?

· No one at Spartan Nation supports racism. It is a big issue in our society, but what about if the protests move on to other issues?

Tell what you think in the comment section below.

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