Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio Post Blowout Loss to Wisconsin Badgers

Hondo S. Carpenter

Camp Randall Stadium

Madison, WI 

With opportunities to salvage its season dwindling, Michigan State visited No. 8 Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon, needing a major effort that could help change the outlook on the remainder of 2019 for the Spartans.

But instead, the Spartans turned in a second straight lackluster performance against one of the nation’s best as Wisconsin rolled to a 38-0 win on a day the Michigan State offense was thoroughly embarrassed by the top-ranked defense in the country in one of the worst losses in the Mark Dantonio era at Michigan State.  

I asked Dantonio in the above video this question.  You have lost three games this year to the three Top-25 teams you have faced.  In those three loses you have scored a combined 17 points.  Now seven games in was it the wrong decision to not make offensive staff changes and if not, how do you fix it.  Dantonio didn't seem to like the question and in fact called it, "A dumb ass question."  That is fine.  It was an honest question and he gave an honest answer.  But it still needs to be asked.

Spartan fans have given him elite facilities.  They pay him $4 million dollars a year with a $4 million dollar bonus coming in January for longevity.  This job comes with expectations and while I very much like Dantonio personally, it is a question that must be asked.  His team WILL NOT COMPETE for a Big Ten title again and since they got blown out by Alabama in the College Football Playoff, they are a .500 program.  Dantonio himself has taught us that those results are not good enough.

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Super Spartan88
Super Spartan88

Not to criticize, but I agree with Mark Dantonio here. The question sounded whiney and reactionary and, before the season, is done it shouldn't be asked. This article sounds like you're kind of butthurt that he criticized you. Yes, they maybe fell a little short of expectations this year but he took a program that was absolutely nothing and put them on the map. He's allowed to have a a few mediocre/bad years.


This was a legitimate question. There was no need to attack the messenger. Seems like a pattern of attacking the messenger snd not the message. Dantonio deserves credit for sticking around so long to answer after the debacle but no need to attack the question or the reporter. He gets a lot worse questions during the season. Seems like a poor imitation of certain politicians.


Hondo - you cant be a fan of the school you cover and think your question didn’t deserve the answer it got. Bad example for a Little Hondo who you are grooming. He’s got a lot of opinions for a boy that hasn’t hit puberty. You need to settle down and shut your mouth