More information on the Rather Hall/Spartan Football Incident: “After Viewing the Video Tape, There Were No Attempts to Cover Identity by Spartan Football Players.”

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Spartan Nation has spoken with multiple sources close to the investigation of the Rather Hall incident that involved multiple football players.


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There have been reports that some of the MSU football players involved wore ski masks with the intent to hide their identity. Spartan Nation was told earlier today, “After viewing the video tape, there were no attempts to cover identity by Spartan football players.” That source is affiliated with MSU.


A source inside the police department, when read the above quote responded with “That would concur with my impression also.” 


This in no way excuses the players from going, whether or not their intent was violent. It does however change the perspective of what actually happened. 


Spartan Nation has also learned that the majority of the players did not in any way commit any acts of violence and that can also be, according to source seen on the tape.