MSU's Antjuan Simmons on Mel Tucker’s Intensity: ‘He’s a 10’

McLain Moberg

The Michigan State football team was in the weight room with Jason Novak and his staff one day following their season's postponement.

But with college football reinstated for the Big Ten, Mel Tucker said the Spartans experienced "somewhat of a more normal football practice" on Monday.

According to Michigan State quarterback Rocky Lombardi, the initial practice was "supposed to be a little bit of a light practice," but that didn't happen.

"There was a high-tempo. Coach Tucker is not messing around now. He's getting us ready to go. He's motivated, and we're motivated," Lombardi told reporters on Monday. "So, it was a good practice; everybody was flying around.

Spartan linebacker Antjuan Simmons piggybacked his statement saying Tucker's level of intensity is "A 10 (out of 10) and probably plus some."

"He came out with his whistle wet, and he was ready to go. He was blowing that whistle every chance he got today," Simmons said. "He was ready; there weren't any if ands or butts about it."

Tucker holds "every single person" accountable, even his coaching staff.

"Coaches have to run to the ball, just like players do. It's insane. Practice is fast; it's really fast ... I don't know if there is a point (during practice) where we aren't running," said Simmons.

"The intensity is through the roof. You definitely have to come ready to go with the right mindset, or you'll quickly fall off the train."

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Edwin Weathersby II
Edwin Weathersby II

Coach Tucker was the DB coach when I was a scouting intern with the Browns. I was allowed to sit in on a few of his position meetings during camp in 2007. Very good teacher, leader, fair and focused. Knowledgeable coach who players liked.

B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

Thank you Edwin


Love Simmons!