New York Or Detroit Michigan State Football Awaits Bowl Destination

Hondo S. Carpenter

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

The Michigan State Football team's 2019 season was a disaster.  What started with promises from the head coach, staff and players of contention for a Big Ten title, quickly wallowed in a fourth straight year of offensive mediocrity.

Mark Dantonio's decision last season to fire none of the woefully unproductive offensive staff after a third straight year of bad performance, proved early this season to have been a mistake.  So now they wait.  They reached a record of 6-6 that spells nothing less than mediocrity and the lowest standard for post-season play, where will they go?

If the Big Ten gets a team in the Cotton Bowl, the Spartans will almost certainly be heading to the Bronx, New York to play in Yankee stadium.  That game is on the 27 of December.  That game kicks off at 3:20 PM and can be seen on ESPN.  According to people inside the MSU athletic department, they feel if MSU gets the Pinstripe, they will probably play, but not certain, Wake Forest.

If the Big Ten does not get a Cotton Bowl team, that would almost certainly push the Spartans to Detroit to play in the former Little Ceasars Bowl, now known as the Quick Lane bowl.  That game kicks off at 8 PM  on December 26 at FordK Field and can be seen on ESPN as well.

Keep it tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest and the reaction to whatever bowl the Spartans get from Mark Dantonio later this evening.

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